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February 9th, 2022


by Courtney P Glenn

Excellent customer service and a superior product! Jeremiah was a pleasure to work with and was able to build us a great computer that stayed within budget.


May 13, 2021


by Crazy Trever

My experience was good they helped out a lot and told me what I needed to get to be able to run my games better.

Mar 18, 2021


by Marcus

so i needed help on knowing what i should do make my PC run better so i when and arks and then the founder came to me and talk to me and i think he was good in what he was doing and he understand what we need and what is better to get and he just said it in the way i can understand and i think that was good and i would go back to him to get more help if i need it.

Mar 10, 2021


by Andrew

Even though it was a simple fix, they are very quick with getting someone to help

Jan 13, 2021


by Justin

I love that you guys work with people with payments. Help with finding the best with the budget given. As well very friendly and just a fun process with it all.

Jan 12, 2021


by Brandon

Highly encourage them they really good at helping new streamers highly encourage you to hit them up Bc they helped me out great team

Jan 12, 2021


by Dramamama7

Super easy to place orders. Polite people to work with. Wasn’t sure what I needed but they came through and helped out. I was able to customize it with ease. Cant wait for my pc. Thanks guys.💛

Dec 28, 2020


by Eric Moye

Ive been having quite a few issues with my computer for a while. Everything from start up errors to random lag and it was really getting tiresome. Well after a bit they diagnosed my issues and when stapled a fix on it. These guys are actual life savers and come highly recommended!!!

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