Jeremiah Steninger

Chief Executive Officer
Master Computer Technician

Jeremiah has been a valuable asset since day one despite being new to the field. He has fourteen certifications across four different fields: Information Technology, Business, Medical, and Environmental Science.
He started his own now internationally viewed newspaper in January 2020 after having the desire to help out the community by keeping others informed on local events.
He has been a multi-platform content creator for multiple years, gaining a following in the thousands before dedicating time to other endeavors.
He builds PCs, helps customers and ensures their satisfaction, is currently a website developer, and does a lot more in other areas to make sure we can have an easy user interface and provides many other services as our now Chief Executive Officer such as making sure we are running smoothly, making sure the clients are getting everything they need and more, making sure all the departments we add are running at the best capacity that they can, and so much more.

John Krestal


John is the man who started it all. The backbone of the company and the person who brings everyone together. Without him, we wouldn’t be here in the first place. He has worked to bring in more streamers to become Affiliates with the company and has focused on our social media presence. He has ran his own company, Luxury Landscaping for over two years.

Nicole Palashoff

Public Relations Specialist

Nicole has served as our Public Relations Specialist for nearly two years. She often handles communications between associates and our company.

A special thank you to our other 15 team members from all across the world! You may not be listed here, but you still mean so much to us!